England 0 – 1 Spain – Wed 7th Feb 07

England 0 – 1 Spain

England are rubbish. They say a team’s style of play and spirit is sometimes a reflection of the manager’s personality. Think of the current England manager and the previous one, then see if these words mean anything:

Boring. Drab. Unimaginative. Uncreative. Robotic. Clueless. Second best. Not really good enough at the highest level.

Technically, England are still miles behind other sides in the world. Even sides they’re supposed to be better than. Is it genetics?? Or is it just the way kids are coached in this country? I think the latter. Look at Wenger’s policy at Arsenal; his criteria is simple: pace, power, skill. You MUST be technically good. You must be a good footballer, and you can always teach the rest and improve. Why is it that hardly any England players get into Arsenal’s squad? I’ll give you a clue: It’s not Wenger’s fault!


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