UK citizens arrest judge over illegal council tax

Yesterday I saw the news that UK citizens tried to arrest a judge in an act of “legal rebellion”. The reason? The judge refused to acknowledge that he was acting under his oath of office, as he attempted to sentence Roger Hayes on charges of council tax evasion. A judge not acting under their oath of office is a fraudster. But did you also know that council tax is illegal?

The full story behind the protest is here.

Roger Hayes, a former UKIP member who has consistently refused to pay council tax on the grounds that it is illegal, and as a political protest against the British government’s sacrifical and treasonous actions with the EU, gives us the full story here.

It’s so refreshing and encouraging to see free people peacefully demonstrating, with morality on their side, against the arbitrary and excessive power of government (local and national.)  On this occasion unfortunately, the police did not take the side of the “rebels”, but if this knowledge becomes more widespread and the average UK citizen wises up on their legal position, who knows what the future might bring.

Regardless of your opinion on Council Tax (I am opposed to it), every self-respecting citizen should object to it on the principle that any phony power imposing arbitrary demands on you without your consent is wrong. It is a scam being perpetrated on us through legal trickery and our own ignorance – and it must stop. Legally, politically, and morally, we must spread the news of this and make these shifty charlatans realise we are not cash cows.


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